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Die Casting with machining (Al. alloys) – HPDC & Full Squeeze Casting

Magnetic Clutch, Rotor, Coil & Idler Pulley

Hose Assemblies & Connector Sub Assemblies

Tube Connector & Charging Ports

Piston, Swash & Shaft

Tool Room

Die Casting

GAL has a state-of-the-art facility at Greater Noida on 80,000 sq meter area with enough space for future expansion. The facility has 10 Real Time Shot Control Die Casting machines ranging from 150 Ton to 850 Ton capacity, including 4 HVSC Machines of 800 Ton capacity.

GAL is the single source for squeeze cast engine mounting brackets to the largest manufacturer car in India and for power steering pump housings for the largest commercial vehicles steering systems in North America.

GAL is capable of casting alloys like ADC-12, AlSi9Cu3 and LM-24. Since we have dedicated temperature controlled melting cum holding furnaces, GAL has the capability to run different alloys simultaneously. The current range of parts manufactured by GAL includes Steering Pinion Housings, Automotive AC Compressor parts, Electronic Power Steering parts, Brackets, Braking System parts & EGR Housing parts, Oil Pan, Plate Intake Manifold and Case Cover.

GAL also has a T-6 solutionising Heat treatment facility for making heat-treated casting which have very good machined properties.

Die-Casting Plant


High Pressure Die-casting

Vertical Full Squeeze Die-casting



T-6 Heat Treatment Furnace

Shot Blasting Machine



Machining Centres


Magnetic Clutch, Rotor, Coil & Idler Pulley

GAL manufactures magnetic clutch rotors, coil housings and Idler pulleys for AC compressors from low carbon steel forgings. These multi V-Groove rotors & pulleys are manufactured on CNC machines and can be ED or powder coated. GAL has the capacity to make vacuum impregnated rotors & pulleys for high end AC compressors.

Takisawa TC 200




Hose Assemblies & Connector Sub Assemblies

GAL manufactures hose assemblies and automotive AC piping parts suitable for high pressure refrigerant applications. The machining facility includes automatic end forming machines, spinning & buldging machines, CNC bending machines, Brazing machines and Leak checking equipment.

Spinning and Buldging Machine

CNC Bending Machines




3-Axis COMCO Bending Machine - Automatic CNC machine to bend Aluminum tubes


Tube Connector & Charging Ports

GAL has the state-of-the-art facility for machining Tube Connectors, end fittings & charging valve parts for automotive AC piping systems. These parts are machined from aluminium extrusion profiles on CNC turning centres, VMC’s & Turn Mill Centres.

Piston, Swash & Shaft

GAL is the only facility in India to manufacture critical compressor components like Tin Coated Swash Plate & PTFE Coated Pistons for fixed displacement compressors.

The pistons & swash plates are Machined on automatic machining lines using gantry systems and automatic port process gauges. .GAL has in-house PLC control facility for Tin coating and PTFE coating.

GAL also manufacture steel shaft for power steering pumps and compressors.

Tool Room

GAL does in-house design of PDC & squeeze casting die’s using Uni-graphics NX-4 and AutoCAD. All critical dies undergo Magma metal flow analysis so as to minimize shrinkage porosities.

The Tool room is equipped for Die maintenance and will shortly start in-house manufacturing of dies.